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IMPACT (Inform Marginalized People And Cultivate Transformation)

RestoreHER identified that the socioeconomic and healthcare needs of directly impacted women were not being met when returning to the community due to lack of transportation, technology, awareness, and the plain lack of gender specific resources available as well as the unprecedented times of the corona pandemic. When released from incarceration, the facility may or may not provide resources and the same is true of halfway houses, probation, and parole. The National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC) is the national hub for reentry services, created by the Second Chance Act and operated by The Council of State Governments; however, after interviewing 50 directly impacted women, none of them were knowledgeable of NRRC. RestoreHER is contracting with We Are I.T. to bridge the gap by producing a reentry database and mobile app.

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